Massachusetts State USBC YOUTH

2022-2023 Season


Dress Code: Bowlers must wear a center or league issued shirt, collared shirt, USBC youth jersey, mock collared shirt or USBC apparel, slacks, jeans with no holes worn at the waist. Shorts or skirts/skorts must be below the competitor’s fingertips when they are standing and their arms are hanging loosely at their sides. There will be no headgear allowed (unless medically necessary with a doctor’s note). All bowlers must meet the requirements of USBC rule 301b youth. Any bowler found not abiding by the dress code, will be removed from the tournament.


       Rule added by Nationals (2008):  301B Youth

    Youth participants will not wear apparel or use bowling equipment depicting alcohol, tobacco, gambling, an illegal substance or inappropriate language/gestures during competition.   The Tournament Chairperson will remove any bowler who does not meet the above dress code.