Massachusetts State USBC YOUTH

2018-2019 Season

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Massachuetts State USBC Youth Committee website please direct them to Deborah McGrath - [email protected]



   Peter Marchetti -  [email protected]




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Bob Taraskiewicz -
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Deborah McGrath -[email protected]


Lauren Eramo -
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                                                     Dot Taraskiewicz - [email protected]




  Beth LaBossiere - [email protected]




                                                    Rich Walker -  [email protected]



  Karen Marcure - [email protected]




                                                           Lourine Brown - [email protected]



 Barbara Verdini - [email protected]





                          Heather Guzman - [email protected]




Rich Hubert - [email protected]




                                                    Joanne Taraskiewicz - [email protected]